We believe that children at Mosman Kinderland deserve:

  • The right to be a child and learn through play.

  • A fun, stimulating and attractive environment.

  • An environment which is safe, healthy and well-supervised.

  • To be valued as a unique person in the context of being part of a family and community. 

  • An environment free from pressure where routines are flexible and activities are determined by the needs and interests of the children.

  • Positive, nurturing, warm, respectful and valued interactions from staff. 

  • To be viewed as equal and believed to have capacities to succeed.

  • To be provided an environment which promotes inclusion and participation of all.

  • Secure attachments with carers responsive to their individual interests and needs

  • Trained teaching staff who facilitate children's exploration and guide learning experiences.

  • A program which supports and enhances development at all stages and levels of ability, with respect for family culture, and without bias. A program based on The Early Years Learning Framework.

  • Opportunities to regularly succeed and receive positive messages about themselves as they build self-esteem.

  • The opportunity to make choices and direct their own interaction with the learning

  • environment. 

  • High quality care which is a stimulating, positive experience where all aspects of the child’s development and self-worth will be fostered in a safe, friendly and interactive learning environment. 

  • Reasonable expectations for desired behaviour that is delivered and discussed with gentleness and empathy.

  • To be valued as individual and unique. Difference and individuality is valued and supported in all interactions, programs and procedures. All children are encouraged to experience all areas of our day without bias of religion, gender, culture or ability. Children with individual, additional or special needs will be welcomed & catered for within our Centre. 

  • Staff that implement a range of teaching styles and methods to provide children with an education which ensures all children’s interests, needs and abilities are valued, documented and used to provide children with goals and experiences. These include aspects of the emergent curriculum, developmental checklists, portfolios and daily planning for outdoor and indoor experiences. The overall program, learning and interactions will be based on the Early years learning framework.

Family Philosophy

Children's Philosophy

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We believe that families of Mosman Kinderland deserve:

  • To be in partnership with staff 
  • To feel welcome in the Centre at any time.
  • Recognition from staff that they are unique in the journey they have traversed to arrive where they are today.
  • Staff who acknowledge parents and family are the most important people in children’s lives and the most significant influence on their learning.
  • Respect for individual family values and beliefs, and their right to confidentiality. We honour language, culture, traditions, child rearing practises and lifestyle choices of families.
  • Relevant and timely information on their child's day-to-day activities while at the centre as well as their development over a period of time
  • Open and honest partnership between families and staff, based on consultation supporting consistency of care between the home and Centre.
  • Current information about, and opportunities to assist in the development and review of the Centre's policies, procedures and practices
  • Opportunities to participate in the Centre's activities, on a day-to-day basis, through the Parent Committee, or organised social events.
  • Joint decision making rights and active involvement in programs, education delivery and decision making.
  • Access to a resource network providing information, contacts and support for the family as their children grow and develop
  • A community that supports them in building happy, healthy families.
  • To be valued as individual and unique. Difference and individuality is valued and supported in all interactions, programs and procedures